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How To Make The Most of Your WooCommerce Product Reviews

If you are not offering your customers the option to leave product reviews within your WooCommerce store then you could potentially be holding back the potential of your conversions.

They may not be at the front of mind when looking to improve the conversion rate of your eCommerce stores, but did you know that a large amount of research has shown that customers treat online reviews in such high esteem as that of a personal recommendation and that a significant number of product reviews has been proven to vastly increase the chance of a product purchase?

So first things first, if you do not currently have customer reviews enabled within your WooCommerce store, and have no good reason as to why they should be hidden, go and flick that switch now.

Simply log in to your admin area then navigate to WooCommerce > Settings in your sidebar, select the Products Tab and you should see your review settings about half way down that page.

How to enable product reviews in WooCommerce

Are You Getting All of The Benefits From Your Product Reviews?

A huge amount of product reviews on your website is great, but only if your WordPress / WooCommerce theme is making the most of them.

Having reviews displayed on your website is half the battle, the customer visits your product page, sees that the product is reviewed with a number of high ratings, which influences their decision, and they end up converting. This is is exactly what you aim for of course, but this is only useful if the customer finds their way to your product page in the first place…

Search Engine Results Review Stars

Have you ever been browsing a search results page and noticed that some products in the results show their review stars score alongside the title and description right within Google like the image above? Have those very stars enticed you to click that product amongst all the other options? Well here is where those reviews you worked so hard for can pay off even more.

The Secrets of Structured Data

I do not want to get overly technical here, but the reason that Google is able to show that product’s review rating within search results pages is because of the fact that the website has offered them to Google within their code in a format that Google can understand, and that format is known as structured markup. If you are unfamiliar, I highly recommend you read the in-depth article written by Yoast in which they explain the SEO basics of what is structured data. They do it so much better than I could!

The best way to quickly find out whether your website is offering reviews in the appropriate format is by entering a product page URL into the structured data testing tool offered by Google. This page will quickly show you all of the page information that Google would be able to understand and promote. All being well, you should hopefully see that it shows a Product element that contains a breakdown of your review scores as well as a number of pieces of information about the product such as price and description, etc (shown in the image below). If you see any errors here it is a good idea to get these resolved as soon as you can, but keep in mind you may also spot some warnings which are not always compulsory or required by Google. Generally speaking, you can almost always presume that all of the top-selling WordPress premium themes should offer structured data support as standard.

Google Structured Data Product Google Structured Data Reviews

This all sounds great, but what if your theme is not written in a way that promotes structured data, and what if you do not have the technical knowledge to add it yourself?

As with most things in the WordPress world, there are always a number of plugins on hand to help. Personally I would recommend you check out the plugins and courses offered by Yoast. No, before you ask, I am not being sponsored by them for this article! I am merely someone who has tried most of the plugins you can find out on the web for this purpose and always end up resorting back to them.

Generally speaking, you simply need to install their intuitive plugin, fill in a few simple text fields and your website will soon be optimised to show Google what it is looking for. Better still, the plugin also offers a number of other SEO benefits on top which I won’t get into here.


And there you have it, if you are fortunate enough to have existing product reviews on your website but have noticed reduced visibility against competitors within search results, hopefully you have learnt something new today as to how you can start to enhance the data you worked so hard for!

You might also want to check out another of our articles in which we show you how to show your most recent WooCommerce product reviews first.

I would love to hear from you if this has helped develop your website and skills further in the comments section below. Better still, if this has grabbed your attention and you have additional questions then please leave those below as well!

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